Kold Kutter Ice Screws

Kold Kutter Screws

The original and still the best! Kold Kutter screws help you get a grip when you need it most. Kold Kutter screws are used all over the world in various applications to keep you moving in the right direction. Use Kold Kutter screws on your motorcycle, atv, tractor, zamboni, bicycle, shoes, boots and more.



Kold Kutter is the number one choice of motorcycle and atv ice racers!



Use Kold Kutter to move snow in your tractor, skid steer, or riding mower.



Use Kold Kutter to get more grip from your bicycle over the winter!

Who Trusts Kold Kutter

Professional athletes around the world rely on Kold Kutter screws to propel them to the top of their game. Check out the athlete gallery.

Easy Installation

No matter your application, Kold Kutter ice screws are easy to install. View our installation video here.

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